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Pack of 4 Limited Edition St. Paddy’s Day Beard Oil

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A set of (4) Limited Edition .5 Ounce Beard Oils:

Emerald Isle: A blend of fresh-cut grass, oakmoss, and a hint of mint to evoke the rolling green hills of Ireland.

Leprechaun's Gold: A luxurious combination of warm amber, rich sandalwood, and a touch of sweet honey to represent the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Irish Coffee: A warm and invigorating mix of roasted coffee beans, Irish whiskey, and a splash of creamy vanilla to recreate the aroma of a classic Irish beverage.

Celtic Forest: A blend of earthy notes, such as pine, cedarwood, and eucalyptus, combined with a hint of rain-soaked soil, to capture the essence of Ireland's ancient woodlands.

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So good we ordered more!

Absolutely fantastic work on this line of products guys. We were sent a care package of your oils by a friend and we loved them so much we ordered more products. The quality of the oils are fantastic. They leave no residue on your hands after use. Don't even mention the smell... words cannot describe how good they smell, but it isn't over powering. Top drawer. What a product these guys have. 5 stars! Have already recommended to my friends and family.