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Which beard styles do women prefer?

When we ask the women at the markets we attend in Midland, TX  Which beard styles do women prefer? The overwhelming answer is usually The Classic Beard. However my research online tells me that most women prefer thick stubble. (About 1-2 weeks of no shaving) Otherwise known as The five o'clock shadow. On the flip side the chinstrap and the goatee are considered to be the least attractive beard styles. More on that later

Typically I wouldn't speak on behalf of women but for the sake of this article I will share with you 6 beard styles women prefer according to polls, studies, and women I talk to day to day.

So let's go over some facial hairstyles that women can't get enough of as well as facial hairstyles women would like to see go away.

1. The Classic Beard 

Otherwise known as The Power Beard, The Classic Beard still remains one of the most popular beard trends for 2022. This beard style has always been popular hence the name but it's really taken off the last few years.

Which beard styles do women prefer? The Classic Beard

Who doesn't love the look of a well groomed classic beard on a guy? Amy from Odessa says "It just gives off a very masculine kind of, I can fix anything sort of vibe." But a tip here for guys that are going to be growing out their beards a little bit longer. Make sure that you're taking care of it! Keep it healthy and tight. Keep it moisturized with a quality balm like Maverick Beard Balm, Beard Moisturizer & Conditioner from Daily Grind.

Gentlemen this is the biggest mistake I consistently see my fellow beardsmen make. Good beard grooming habits aren't just for hipsters and Lumbersexuals. A premium beard oil or balm MUST be a part of your daily grooming ritual. No exceptions. Plus, keeping your beard and mustache hydrated is the only way to get rid of beardruff for good.

2. The five o'clock shadow 

Otherwise known as Stubble the five o'clock shadow is just effortless. It's timeless. It's classic. It's one of the few beard styles that pretty much looks good on any guy. It's really easy to maintain as well. According to Prim & Prep and other online surveys, the stubble beard style or five o'clock shadow is considered by women to be the most attractive.

Which beard styles do women prefer? Stubble.

This look is easily the most popular among celebrities. Even Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon followed in Jimmy Kimmel's footsteps and rocked a five o'clock shadow on his show recently.

Short Stubble or Long Stubble, both make the perfect addition to any look this fall. Staying clean shaven isn't a rule in the workplace anymore and come on, who want's to shave their face every single day?

Which beard styles do women prefer? Jimmy Fallon

3. The Short Boxed Beard 

This beard style is going to be shorter than a longer classic beard but it's still going to be really well maintained, trimmed, and have good shape. This beard style is a perfect middle ground for the fellas that don't necessarily want to commit to a long beard but want a versatile and office-friendly option.

Which beard styles do women prefer? The short boxed beard style

Let's be honest, it can be annoying to have a long beard that gets in your way so this one lets you still grow out your facial hair but not to the point where it's getting annoying. It's also great because it still has some shape to it which adds shape to your face.

For the gentlemen like me that don't have a great jawline growing your hair out is the perfect way to give your face some shape. This is where shaping it, trimming it, and keeping it well groomed come in.

4. Clean Shaven 

Look, the fact is a lot of men look great with facial hair but a lot of men simply look better clean shaven. Jessica in Midland says "My husband has a beautiful face but he looks awful with a beard. I told him if he grows it out I'll leave him." She was kidding of course but according to Appointfix a Clean Shaven face is among the most attractive facial hair styles.

Which beard styles do women prefer? Clean Shaven

Lisa from Big Spring says "I absolutely love a guy with a fresh clean shaven face. My boyfriend looks 5 years younger when he shaves but to be fair he has a very nice jawline and nice bone structure so clean shaven is the way to go in my opinion."

Adam from San Antonio says "A clean shaven man looks so sexy if he has a nice jawline. Very few men do so I say if you got it flaunt it."

5. The Viking Beard Style

Viking style is nothing new, it has been in fashion for centuries. The Viking Beard is usually scruffy and unkempt, but it has a full, appealing shape when worn right. Jennifer from Lubbock says "My girlfriends and I have always been most attracted to men with a viking beard. It's an instant sign of maturity, dominance, and aggression."

Which beard styles do women prefer? The Viking Beard Style

It's often groomed with interesting neck hair and braids, giving the style some personality that might not be found in other styles. This style is a must for all you bearded gingers out there. To get a full beard, you’ll need about four to eight months of beard growth.

    6. The Faded Beard 

      This style is the perfect beard for accentuating that jawline. Depending on where your fade starts it can really add a very sharp line and a lot of structure that draws attention to your jawline and your chin if you have a good one. But again, if you're like me and you don't necessarily have a great jawline I still think this style is a great choice because it adds shape to your face that maybe you wouldn't have had before.

      Which beard styles do women prefer? The faded beard

      Okay gentlemen, that is six facial hair styles women prefer. So now for the ones that the ladies wish would just go away, at least the ones that I spoke with. I go more in depth on this topic in my article "8 Common Beard Mistakes Men Should Avoid"

      One of the most common beard styles I hear women say needs to die is the chin strap. I get it, it was cool in the 90's and early 2000's but I think this one is just really outdated. Maybe it'll come back, who knows.

      Which beard styles do women prefer? Not the chin strap


      Second one I hear is the little soul patch underneath your lip. Mandy from Midland says "it just looks like it's a catcher for food, it just looks like all your food's gonna get stuck there and it's just kind of odd to have nothing else besides that." Unless you're Tommy Lee or Howie Mandel I'd skip this look.

      The goatee and mustache came up alot as well. Personally, I know some guys that completely rock a goatee, back in 2004 I used to be one, but I think it is one of those things that's a little bit harder to pull off.

      6 beard styles women love

      What beard length is most attractive to women?

      According to a 2013 Australian study, heavy stubble is the most attractive beard length.

      What beard length is the most masculine?

      According to Psychology Today men with full beards are perceived to be the most masculine.

      How long it takes to grow a full beard

      Do beards make you look older?

      Yes it does, as I mentioned above a beard can add 5 years easy.

      Does a full beard make you more attractive?

      Okay so maybe you are less worried about how old your beard makes you look, and are more concerned with how attractive it makes you look.

      A study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology states that there is in fact a pattern in terms of casual dating attractiveness, and long-term dating attractiveness when it comes to bearded men.

      The pattern indicates that clean-shaven men and those with longer, full beards are considered by women to be best for long-term relationships. Whereas, those with stubble-short beards are seen as more attractive for flings or casual dating. I found that interesting.

      Pro Tip for every single guy out there: Lose the neck hair. Every woman agreed that neck hair wasn't attractive. So whatever style you go with keep it trimmed on your neck. You don't want hair showing past your Adams apple it's not a good look on anybody I promise.

      The 13 Best Beard Styles for 2022

      Keep in mind these are just opinions and you should always go with whatever is going to make you feel the most confident.  Spice it up and don't be afraid to grow out that hair because you're going gray. Most women love a little bit of salt and pepper. I get comments on the gray in my beard all the time. Try new things with your hair and facial hair. Find out what works for you and rock it!

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      Author: Lance Reis

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