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Maverick Beard Balm, Beard Moisturizer & Conditioner

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A gentleman leaves nothing to chance. Stack the deck in your favor with the warm scents of vanilla, Tobacco, and hints of cherry. This customer favorite is sure to give you the upper hand.

Our Texas made Premium Beard balm helps to moisturize, condition, and soften your beard by protecting even the roughest skin while sealing in moisture and making that beard or mustache shine like a million bucks. Finally, you can kiss those stray hairs goodbye with Maverick Beard Balm by Daily Grind.

If your main objective is beard growth then we suggest going with a beard growth kit. Simply add Maverick Beard Balm, Maverick Beard Oil and our Beard & Scruff Cream (Beard Moisturizer & Leave-in Conditioner) to the cart and you'll have all you need to promote massive beard growth.

How to apply beard balm.

For those who are new to the beardsman lifestyle here are 3 simple steps in applying beard balm.

Step 1: Open and take out a small amount on your finger, rub it between your hands, and then apply to your facial hair.

Step 2: Use more balm if necessary and then comb evenly throughout all facial hair with a quality brush that is designed to accommodate both wet or dry hair.

Step 3: Style as you wish, for extra hold we recommend using a mustache wax or styling pomade.

Beard Oil vs Balm | The Differences & Why You Need Both

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Stuff is absolutely the best bead balm on the damn planet!!!🌎


My husband bought this at the farmers market in Midland Texas. The Maverick Beard Balm is amazing. The scent is mild yet sexy.

Andrew Britton
Awesome products

I’ve used a lot of beard products and these are among the best of them. I got the maverick, the smell was amazing and left my beard super soft. I also got the Knuckle cream and that stuff worked wonders on my hands. Definitely recommend.

Mario Alberto Vela

Maverick Beard Balm, Beard Moisturizer & Conditioner


I bought my husband this oil & balm for Christmas, every person he’s come in contact with has said how amazing his beard smells. He himself said it’s the best beard balm he’s ever used. 10/10 would recommend & will buy again.