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How to Get Rid of beardruff for Good

As I reluctantly sat in the Texas heat sharing laughs and a pint of my favorite local IPA with a friend at the Midland Beer Garden yesterday I couldn't help but notice my beard felt dryer and itchier than normal. As I brushed the beardruff off my shirt I asked my friend who never seems to have a flake of dandruff, how to get rid of beardruff for good. This is what he said:

To get rid of beardruff for good you'll need to wash your facial hair regularly with a good beard shampoo and conditioner, apply moisturizing cream to your face and neck, and most importantly use a quality, beard moisturizer and conditioner like beard balm or beard oil every day to keep your skin and hair hydrated.

"What do you call a Penguin with dandruff? Frosted Flakes"

What Causes Beardruff?

Beard dandruff is usually caused by an overproduction of sebum, which is a natural skin oil. The increased production of sebum in the beard area leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells, which are also known as dander. This accumulation leads to itchiness and dryness, which can then lead to beardruff.

The most common cause for excessive sebum production is stress, hormonal imbalances, genetic predisposition, certain medications, or the wrong shampoo.

A beard is a great way to express your personality and style. But, it also requires a lot of maintenance. It needs to be groomed, moisturized, and conditioned. Otherwise you're left with an itchy flaky beard and trust me, there's nothing worse than dry beard skin. So, if you're here for a beardruff treatment you came to the right place.

"How do you make dandruff? From scratch"

Is beardruff contagious?

The good news is no, beard dander is not contagious, but as you'll see in this article it can be caused by dry skin, stress, certain medications, or a reaction to certain skin care products.

Who is more likely to get beardruff?

Unfortunately no man is immune to dander. Whether you rock a five o'clock shadow or a Grizzly Adams beard you can still experience dander however you may be more susceptible if you have a longer beard. This is because the production of lipids that cause beardruff increases when the environment is warm and moist, so people with more hair follicles will have more surface area to produce oil, which will lead to more beardruff.

It also depends on the type of hair that you have- coarse hair will be drier than fine hair, so people with coarse hair are likely to have more beardruff than those with fine hair.

6 ways to get rid of beardruff for good

1. Dry skin brushing:

For this step, you'll need a firm natural bristle brush or a beard brush. This can be found at most drugstores or health food stores. The bristles should be part wood and part metal, so they can exfoliate the scalp without destroying hair follicles with the metal bristles. You'll also want a towel to dry your hair once you finish. You can dry brush your beard daily, or just when you have dandruff. Totally up to you.

How to Get Rid of beardruff - man gets his beard brushed

2. Exfoliating with a gritty scrub:

This step can be done as your first step in your morning shower with a beard dandruff shampoo, or at night before bed. If you have dandruff, use this on a regular basis to keep it under control!

3. Cleanse with a lactic-acid cleanser:

Yes, we know, lactic-acid sounds really harsh. But lactic-acid is one of the few ingredients that works well for cleansing the skin and exfoliates it effectively. Many cleansers have the acid in them without you knowing because it's so widely used, which means they tend to be more gentle on your skin. Some claim they use head and shoulders for protection but I've seen no proof that it works.

4. Moisturize with a beard oil:

It's hard to get gel moisturizer under those burly beard bristles. It doesn't apply as evenly, nor does it absorb as well as it would on the rest of your face. That's why I use a beard oil for dandruff in its place. Beard oil is first and foremost for your skin. You can soothe dry patches with 1 -2 drops.
How to Get Rid of beardruff for Good - The Duke Beard oil

Beard oil is a wonderful moisturizer for your beard. It absorbs quickly and doesn't clog pores, which makes it perfect for your skin. If you have dry patches, use 2-3 drops in the morning as part of your daily regimen or as needed throughout the day. You may be asking yourself "Okay but what's the best beard oil for dandruff?" and I'd say well, any of the oil in our collection should do the trick. 

Before they had fancy beard oils and beard balms The ancient Greeks and Romans were big proponents of olive oil or Argan oil as a beauty product for the face and body. Those with skin problems and beyond have used oils like Argan oil for decades in their skin care routine to stop beardruff and other ailments and It can be used as a moisturizer, a light cleanser, an eye makeup remover or even your lip balm.

How to Get Rid of beardruff for Good - 16 Benefits of Argan Oil for Beard Care & Overall Health

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm? What's the difference?

5. Stop the itching with beard balm:

Itching is one of the most common complaints among bearded men. When your skin is dry, you can produce more oil which causes it to itch and become irritated. The carrier oils in our beard balm will soothe and hydrate your skin, while bringing out its natural oils.  Apply a few times a day to stop the itching.

How to Get Rid of beardruff for Good - Altus Beard balm


6. Try Laser Beard Shaping hair removal:

If you're looking for a more permanent solution Electrolysis might be a good choice, otherwise Laser beard shaping is a non-invasive hair removal treatment for men. It's a common way to get rid of unwanted hair on the face, neck, chest, and back. The laser targets the hair follicles and reduces their size, which in turn slows down the growth of the hair.

How to Get Rid of beardruff for Good - Laser hair removal on the neck

Studies show that laser treatments can help with dry skin and dandruff because when you remove your facial hair, you're removing all of the bacteria that would normally be trapped there.

Try Shea Butter

Shea butter is another great moisturizer for oily skin. A lot of people with oily skin have a sensitive skin type. For these individuals, it is important to avoid harsh chemical-based products that can be drying to the skin. The best way to keep moisture locked in and help your skin heal after a nice face wash is through the use of natural ingredients such as honey and oatmeal. These ingredients will not only hydrate your skin but also provide more protection from the sun.

The benefits of having a healthy beard care routine is having a healthier looking mane and healthier skin underneath. You will also have less itching and scratching. The dry skin under a beard can cause flaking and trust me, the last thing you want when strolling into a situation where you need to impress someone is beard flakes.

Does Seborrheic Dermatitis cause Beardruff?

Yes Seborrheic dermatitis which is a common skin condition that is caused by an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria can affect your beard. This is due to the disruption of the skin’s natural balance, which can lead to a variety of symptoms.

Did Steve Carell Get a Hair Transplant ?

Seborrheic dermatitis can manifest itself in many different ways such as: scaling, redness, inflammation and itching. The scalp, face, chest and back are most commonly affected by this condition.

Is beardruff a fungus?

Beardruff is no different than the dandruff on your head and comes from the same cause - Malassezia fungus. Sure, it doesn't sound great, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Malassezia inhabits the skin of about 90% of adults without causing harm and simply feeds on the natural oils that are produced by your skin. This fungus then breaks it down into a omega-9 fatty acid called Oleic Acid which can lead to flaky itchy skin.

If life gives you lemons...
Apply it to your beard, it's good for preventing dandruff.

I hope you found this article helpful. If so, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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Author: Lance Reis

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