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Did Steve Carell Get a Hair Transplant in 2006?

Perhaps one of the most debated topics on the internet over the last 15 years is Steve Carell’s hair. To be specific, no one can agree on the answer to this question: Did Steve Carell Get a Hair Transplant After Season 1 of The Office? So many fans of the show still believe that Steve Carell got hair restoration treatment back in 2006 that we are still debating it in 2022.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant before and after

Who is Steve Carell?

Steve Carell is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He’s known for his role as Michael Scott on The Office, and for his roles in films such as Fox Catcher, Get Smart, 40-year-old-virgin, and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant - 40 year old virgin

Steve has been through many changes over the last 15 years, and his hair has become one of the most talked-about topics. Many fans think he had a hair transplant procedure after his hairline completely changed back in 2006.


What is The Office?

Originally a BBC series of the same name created by legendary British comedian Ricky Gervais from 2001–2003, NBC's The Office is an American mockumentary sitcom staring Steve Carell & John Krasinski, created by Greg Daniels that originally aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant - Watch the Office on Peacock

The show follows the daily lives of the employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania at Dunder Mifflin, a fictional paper supply company and it is often regarded as one of the best shows ever made. It's a combination of brilliant writing, excellent acting, and a light-hearted feel that is hard to match. Plus it's hilarious.

Why do Fans Believe Steve Carell got Hair Plugs?

All you have to do is watch the first season and second season of The office on Peacock and you can't miss the dramatic transformation Steve's hair goes through. I would know, I've seen each season about a 1,000 times.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant over the years

His hair is clearly the worst in season 1 but I think the hair stylist purposely made it look like he had a bad hair transplant because the show’s creators were trying to stay loyal to the UK version of The Office with Ricky Gervais as David Brent.

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In season 1 of the Office Michael Scott's character although hilarious, is crass, inappropriate, and kind of sleazy so his hair kind of reflects that. Of course his character grows throughout the series and he becomes a better human being and so his hair reflects that as well. And so does his body.

How did Steve Carell start looking much younger and fitter in the second season of The Office US than the first season?

According to Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer Between season 1 & 2 Steve got in crazy good shape for 40 year old virgin and the healthy lifestyle stuck with him so they decided to just go with Steve's new look after season 1.

 Steve Carell GQ

Season two opens with Steve Carell looking fit and his hair looking noticeably fuller. He's lost the slicked-back Gordon Gekko look and now sports a voluptuous side part which had fans around the world asking:

Did Steve Carell Get a Hair Transplant?

Although the answer to that question is still up in the air it's important to note that Steve was definitely suffering from male pattern baldness. That we know for sure from footage of the actor before The Office. Just not to this extent.

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Now, his hair density is another question but it was painfully obvious his hairline was receding. You can easily tell by looking for the “M” shape in the hairline. And judging by the Norwood Scale, I'd say he was at Stage 2, which isn’t that bad.

Steve Carell Male Pattern Baldness

At stage 2 only 1000 grafts are needed for a hair transplant. I'd say most people including Steve could get away with 1500 grafts via hair transplant and no one would notice. That being said, the entire internet was ablaze with google searches like: Steve Carell hair plugs & Steve Carell hair implant.  As soon as season 2 aired, so maybe I'm wrong. I'm no plastic surgeon.

Did Steve Carell get hair plugs or Was It Just Makeup & Hairstyle?

I know you want a sold yes or no answer but it's 2022 and the honest answer is still the same as it was in 2008. We don't know.

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We can speculate just as we have for the last 15 years but we may never know because the actor himself hasn’t confirmed or denied whether the “ Steve Carell hair transplant ” conspiracy is true or not.

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We all saw the receding hairline. And a new hairstyle alone wouldn't be enough to rid you of male pattern baldness or thinning hair. Then again, the hair stylists and makeup artists in Hollywood are magicians so anything is possible.

Steve Carell & Follicular unit extraction

Now, if Steve Carell did get a hair transplant he probably would have went with Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery. This type of transplantation surgery is the most common choice for hair restoration in Hollywood. We will never really know the true number of celebrities with hair transplants but I'd guess it's more than we realize.

Hair transplant Treatments

Hair loss is a very common and natural thing. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Hair transplants are one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world today. In fact, over 6 million people are treated for hair loss every year. The grafts that are used for transplants typically consist of 1-4 individual hair roots.

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If you're experiencing hair loss and need treatment I have good news. There are so many options available these days like hair weaving, hair plugs, FUE, or at home treatments like Bosley. The method in which they transplant hair now has gotten so good I'd venture to say every patient will see results.

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a common type of hair loss that typically affects men. It starts when the hair follicles that produce hairs on the scalp shrink and stop producing hair. This leaves an exposed part of the scalp with less protection from the sun and cold, leading to further thinning and eventually complete baldness.

What is Follicular unit extraction?

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is a surgical technique that extracts individual follicular units from the back and sides of the scalp, then transplants them to bald areas on the head. This procedure can be done in two ways: strip harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

What is Strip Harvesting?

In strip harvesting (FUT), one incision is made along the hairline on the back of the head. A scar will remain over this incision, but it will heal quickly. In FUE, several small holes are made in the scalp in order to extract individual follicular units which are then transplanted to bald areas on the head.

What is the Norwood Scale?

The Hamilton-Norwood scale is used to classify the stages of male pattern baldness. It is a 7-point classification system, with Stage 1 being no significant hair loss or recession of the hairline and 7 being The most severe stage of hair loss.

What is Hair Weaving?

Hair weaving is an effective way to cover bald spots and create volume in thinning hair. It can also be used to cover scars, tattoos, and other skin imperfections. Hair weaving is done by taking small sections of natural hair and placing them on top of each other.

What is Laser Beard Shaping? Hair removal for men.

The strands are then weaved together and secured with clips or bobby pins. This procedure can be done at home, at a hair weaving clinic, or at a salon. One session of weaves should last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the person's lifestyle and how often they wash their hair.

What is Bosley?

Bosley is a popular brand for men and women who suffer from thinning or receding hairline. It's at home treatment uses the company’s patented blend of ingredients to help regrow the scalp and promote healthy growth, which helps in covering up bald spots and restoring a fuller head of hair.

What are Hair Plugs?

Hair plugs are made up of two types: the first type is called an insertion and the second is called a suspension. The insertion hair plug is inserted into the scalp just below the surface of the skin and it has a thin metal wire that attaches to it. The suspension hair plug has a small piece of metal at its base and it's attached to an adhesive strip that sticks to your head.

How much area does 2000 grafts of hair cover in a transplant?

2000 grafts should typically cover between one 3rd & 1/2 a head of hair. The exact amount depends on the head size and donor hair quality.

What does 3000 grafts of hair cost to transplant?

Many factors need to be considered when determining the cost of hair transplant surgery. In the United States price can vary widely, ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000. Hair transplants with a much larger number of grafts in one session tend to be less expensive in terms of per graft cost. For example, 3,000 grafts may cost $12,000, which works out to a per graft cost of $4.

What does a bad hair transplant look like?

This one you just need to see. So instead of describing what a bad hair transplant looks like I'll just show you. This Brit was left with bald spots and scarring after undergoing hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

Brit, 26, left with horrific scars after botched hair transplant

Before & After Hair Transplant

Here are a few examples of sucessful hair transplants.

Elon Musk Hair Transplants
David Beckham Hair Transplant - before and after

In conclusion: Did Steve Carell Get Hair plugs?

No, his hair was receding and his hair stylist made it look dramatically worse for season one. If anything he went with FUE or Bosley but not hair plugs. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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