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Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave | 5mm Beard Length & Under

A hot towel shave is an excellent option for men with a 5mm beard length & under, who have sensitive skin or suffer from razor burn. It also helps reduce irritation after shaving, leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer than ever before.

What is a Hot Towel Shave?

A hot towel shave is a traditional shaving technique that has been around for centuries. It has been popularized by barbers and even today, many men still get their facial hair removed in this way.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - man with a black towel over his eyes getting shaved with a straight razor

As you've probably seen in movies, the technique involves the use of hot towels, which are first dampened with warm water and then applied to the face. The wet towels are then removed and shaving cream is added and the shaving begins.

The Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave

If you've never had the pleasure of a hot towel shave I can tell you it's a truly relaxing and luxurious experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Just avoid thinking about Sweeney Todd while you have a straight razor that close to your neck. And yes, I am listening to the soundtrack as I write this.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - man getting shaved with a straight razor by sweeney todd

There are many benefits of a Hot Towel Shave so let's get right into it.

Shaving with a hot towel provides the closest shave possible. This is because the heat and steam soften the hair follicles, making them easier to cut. Hot towels also reduce razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation because they open up your pores and cleanse your skin.

Wet shaving with a hot towel reduces irritation by exfoliating your skin while you shave and it is much less time consuming than traditional shaving methods. Plus it can be done anywhere with hot water.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - close up of man getting shaved with a straight razor

What does a hot towel shave cost?

A hot towel shave may be an old-fashioned service but it's still very popular. Most barbershops offer a wet shave and it usually costs around $10-$20. I mean, if you don't offer a hot towel shave are you really a barber shop?

Where can I get a Hot Towel Shave?

Most mens barber shops will offer a Hot Towel Shave / Wet Shave. That's part of the fun in going to a barber shop. We like Aces & Eights Barber Shop here in Midland Texas. They always provide great service and even better fades.

Hot Towel Shave Near Me

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - Tattooed man holding a razor

How to do a Hot Towel Shave at Home

A hot shave is one of the best ways to get a clean, close shave and although best done by a professional it's simple enough to do from home. All you need is a washcloth, hot water, mirror, and straight razor. Unless you wanna go full Crocodile Dundee and use a knife.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - scene from the movie Crocodile Dundee

As mentioned above The process starts with soaking a towel or washcloth in hot water and wrapping it around your face. You want it to be so warm that it’s almost too hot to touch but not scalding!

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - Shaving Cream


Let it sit for about three minutes before removing the cloth and wiping off any excess wetness from your face with another towel. Next, apply shaving cream or soap to your face and shave as usual. Finally, rinse off the shaving cream from your face and pat dry with a towel.

Benefits of a Wet Shave - Man shaving with a straight razor

 If you have a beard or mustache and you are just cleaning up the edges now would be a great time to wash your beard with a good beard wash. After your face and beard are dry apply your favorite, aftershave, beard balm or beard oil. As you can see, the process is so simple you could do it blind folded.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - Man shaving his head while blind folded


What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a skin and hair moisturizer/conditioner that is made from either natural oils or a combination of natural and synthetic oils. It's generally applied to the skin underneath beards, mustaches, sideburns, and the scalp to moisturize hair follicles and skin. Beard oil is typically used by men who have facial hair longer than a quarter inch because it helps get rid of beardruff (dry beard skin)

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - The Duke Beard oil on a wooden table

Can I replace my aftershave with beard oil?

This is a question of personal preference. Some people find that aftershave can be too harsh on their skin and prefer a more natural option like beard oil to moisturizing their skin. Using beard oil is a great way to take care of your skin and hair, and it can give your facial hair a healthy shine. However, some men prefer aftershave lotion or gel because beard oil doesn't typically have antiseptic properties.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard Balm is a common beard care product that is applied to your beard as well as your skin beneath the beard. Beard balm is typically a blend of oils and waxes that condition the beard and skin. There's no better way to moisturize your skin and facial hair, soothe itchy or irritated skin, and prevent ingrown hairs. Most beard balms include natural essential oils and scents like Daily Grinds red saffron, fresh red grapefruit, and deep redwood.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - Maverick beard balm

Benefits of Using a Straight Razor

Some men claim there is nothing better than a straight razor shave and actually prefer the single blade over disposable razors, waxing, or beard laser hair removal, and for good reason. Straight Razors are environmentally friendly, affordable, customizable, long lasting, and provide a close shave. Plus they look super cool displayed on your bathroom counter if you have a nice one.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - tattooed man holding a straight razor

Straight Razors are made of metal and have a blade that can be sharpened with a strop or honed with a leather strap. The blade is usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel and the handle is usually made of wood, bone, or plastic. Straight Razors are not only popular among men. Women use them for their arms and legs as well. And it doesn't stop there. I've even seen haircuts done with straight razors.

Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave - 16 Benefits of Argan Oil for Beard Care & Overall Health

What is beard laser hair removal?

Yes you read that right, Beard laser hair removal is a real thing and it's growing in popularity. It's simply the process of removing hair from the face by using a laser. It's a more permanent solution for men who are tired of shaving or waxing their beards.

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The process starts with the application of numbing cream on the skin to reduce pain and discomfort. The laser then targets the hair follicles and destroys them, which prevents new hairs from growing back in that area. The procedure usually takes about an hour or 2 and there are no side effects or downtime associated with the procedure.


As you can see, the Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave / Wet Shave are endless! If this Guide helped you in any way we would love to hear from you in the comments. Join Daily Grind on Instagram for more beard grooming tips and special offers.   

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